Monday, March 7, 2011

Photosynth - Photo stitcher

Photosynth is a site by Microsoft that mashes images together and allows a complete stitch of multiple images. I was a bit disappointed because it doesn't flow smoothly from one image to the next like Clevr. It stitches images of varying perspectives which makes for a disjointed viewing experience if you click on the photos to navigate.
The space shuttle photosynth is composed of 246 photos and I was hopeful that the experience would mimic being there in real life. That being said if you were looking for a particular image or aspect of the space shuttle like I was a year ago (I needed to show the attitude thrusters for a momentum question) Photosynth is a good resource.

The best way I found to navigate is by pressing the advance button.

The Sphinx from National Geographic.

This is Flinders University, the uni I am studying at from the air. It has a more pleasant viewing experience as all the images are roughly from the same perspective.

What Photosynth does have going for it is that you can view other people's photos without a log in and it does have a professional interface. Some great pictures have been uploaded, so have a poke around the site.

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